Percolation Systems

Install a raised percolation area for your septic tank

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Percolation Systems

Lacey's Drain Cleaning Services Ltd. offer complete percolation system installations for clients in Carlow and throughout Ireland.

All new septic tanks installed in Ireland today require a percolation system to ensure partially treated effluent from septic tanks is distributed correctly into underlying ground water.

Our team will size an area that is suitable for your requirements and individual needs. The number of trenches required for a site is typically dictated by the number of people living at a property with one trench being assigned to each individual.

A percolation system professionally installed by Lacey's Drain Cleaning Services Ltd. is built to last for years to come and requires little maintenance on the part of the client.

Organise a full site survey with a member of Lacey's Drain Cleaning Services Ltd.

Installation Process For A Septic Tank Percolation Area

Site visit: A member of our team will conduct a full site survey to assess what percolation system is required.

Test and design: Tests will be carried out to confirm which sewage system is suitable for your site. A detailed quote will then follow for the proposed work.

Installation: We dig and set up your percolation area as part of our complete installation service. We adhere to all EPA percolation area guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a percolation area cost to install?

    Any cost will depend on the specific percolation system you require following a full site assessment. Get in touch with Lacey's Drain Cleaning Services Ltd. for accurate pricing.

  • Do your installations comply with all EPA percolation area guidelines?

    Yes. Lacey's Drain Cleaning Services Ltd. design systems that adhere to all EPA and Local Authority standards. Get in touch with our team in Carlow to learn more about our installation services.